If you are planning on building a home.....MoldStoppers™ should be in your plans.

moldBLOCK™ is a proven performer for mold protection for Single Family & Multi-Family Homes. If you are building a single home or thinking about contructing a home, moldBLOCK™ and MoldStoppers™ should be a part of your plans because it's........

  • MoldStoppers™ can give your home better home quality
  • Did you know that besides a roof defect, mold is the top reason a home fails inspection
  • MoldStoppers™ uses only 100% environmentally safe moldBlock
  • MoldStoppers™ products are EPA and FDA approved
  • MoldStoppers™ has 100% remedial coverage for 10 years

What does the warranty cover and for how long?

The warranty covers the materials and labor replacement of any infected area that has been treated by MoldStoppers™. This warranty is valid for 20 years.  Every single structure treated by MoldStoppers™ is registered and filed.  The registration form includes the date of treatment, who treated the area, and product batch information.

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MoldStoppers™ Territory

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