MoldStoppersTM is a leader in the mold remediation and mold prevention industries. We have locations all across America and our certified installers are the best in the business. But that's just one reason to use are several more:

MoldStoppersTM features the most complete warranty in the industry.

Not only is the treated surface warranted, but our 20 year warranty covers the replacement of insulation and drywall that must be removed to remediate an effected area.

Factory Trained installers

The job gets done right every time.  Every house is registered and the install is signed off on by our install managers.

Jobsite installation by our professional crews

Installation can be done before or after the windows and doors are installed. moldBLOCKTM will not harm any surface.

No waste; nothing to send to the dump

Because MoldStoppersTM treats after framing, there is no waste.  No treated product to be hauled to the dump.

No special inventories

Because we treat on the job, there is no special inventories of lumber required by you or your lumber yard.  This keeps costs way down.

No delays

Our crews can treat a 2,000 sq. ft. house in under 2 hours.  Our product is dry in 1 hour or so.

MoldStoppersTM registers every home we treat

Each homeowner can receive a copy of their registration form in their warranty package.  For future reference there will be no question whether or not their home was treated.

moldBLOCKTM is ASTM Tested

ASTM 3273: Rating of 10
ASTM 3274: Passed September of 2006

MoldStoppersTM has On-Staff NAMP representatives

NAMP is National Association of Mold Professionals (  Our NAMP professionals attend yearly meetings. They are updated and educated on all mold issues.

moldBLOCKTM can be used on almost any surface

Including wood, concrete, block & drywall.  You do not have to use different products with different warranties.

Low cost

MoldStoppersTM professional installs have no waste, allowing us to be one of the most competitive services in the market.

We are a LEED Company

LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (This means we are a green company and use only green processes.)


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We use Environmentally Safe moldBlock™

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At MoldStoppers™ we use moldblock™ a stabilized aqueous solution consisting of FDA GRAS ingredients, which have been approved for food, agricultural and drug applications for over fifty years, and proven effective in inhibiting mold activity. moldBLOCK™ is an oxidation-stable, non-toxic, and biodegradable product.  Learn More!

It is completely safe and environmentally friendly!