Bentech™ serves the construction industry with the brand moldBLOCK™, an enviromentally friendly mold inhibitor, that can easily be applied directly to new home construction. moldBLOCK™ supplies superior resistance to mold with completely safe chemistry.

moldBLOCK™ is a patented stabilized aqueous solution. It consists of FDA GRAS ingredients(generally recognized as safe), which have been approved for food, agricultural and drug applications for over fifty years by the Food and Drug Administration. It has proven effective in inhibiting mold activity. moldBLOCK™ is oxidation-stable, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Our certified installers apply moldBLOCK™ on the interior of the exterior walls as well as the floor, fireplaces and interior wet areas, i.e. bathrooms and kitchens. It dries in about an hour.

MoldBLOCK™ features to know;

•Mold-Inhibitor -Proven effective in inhibiting mold
•Rust Inhibitor -Unlike many other mold inhibiting products, moldBLOCK™ is rust-preventing
•Environmentally Safe -FDA, GRAS List Ingredients Safe and Easy to Handle
•Water Based & Very Liquid
•Cost Effective & Easy to Apply

Bottom Line…. moldBLOCK™ is a patented product that prevents mold growth and kills existing mold.

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