Duane was very helpful

"Duane was very helpful and went above and beyond to get our home remediated of mold..." - Angie's List Customer Review

Dana D.

"MoldStoppers was incredible to work with..." - Dana D.

Sarah Kelley

"I wanted to take a minute to put into words how much one of your employees has changed our lives. I know that sounds corny and ridiculous but it is true." -Sarah Kelley

Melinda Gay

"Duane was very helpful and went above and beyond to get our home remediated of mold..." -Melinda Gay

Kathryn Linch

"I have the best mold specialist in the entire world...Duane Wilkinson!" - Kathryn Linch


"We were beyond satisfied with the entire experience and would highly recommend Joe Arcuragi" - Jenny 


"Duane with Moldstoppers is blowing us away..." - Sarah Kelley 


"Dave - your MoldStopper Pat was terrific!

I learned a ton from him....

Thank heavens we called you.   We need some work done quickly and Pat was
totally on top of it. 

Can't thank you enough as the issue could have been a deal breaker!"


Marty V.

"I was very satisfied with Emory and Moldstoppers. Emory appeared to have a
great eye for detail..."
  - Marty V. 

Dennis Garris

"Extremely responsive, helpful, cares about the problem..." -Dennis Garris 

Scott Sanders

"We were very, very pleased with the overall professionalism and knowledge..." -Scott Sanders

Todd Hoffman

"Mold Stoppers did a great job on our house at a great price...Their expertise helped settle a dispute against Terminex...

Kim Hardee

"If you have more serious mold issues don't hesitate to contact my BFF Joseph Arcuragi of Mold Stoppers." -Kim Hardee

Cheri Brown

"Thanks Joe and Mold Stoppers! You're the best!" - Cheri Brown


"WOW! We all know how awesome and great you are, but you never stop amazing us with your stellar customer service!" -Buddy


"Emory, Thank you for the excellent work and communication. Happy to endorse your business!" - Bruce


"Jason was very informative and knowledgeable....What I got was the truth." -Cliff


"Hi, Martin. I just wanted to say thank you for your help during our mold crisis. You all were great to work with" - Alicia & Rusty W.

Debbie L

"Hi, Aaron. Thank you very much, We really appreciate your work, kindness, and crews. " - Debbie L.


"Thank you for the wonderful job you did after my mold fiasco!" - Malorie


"I was pleased to have such fast response. Mr. Walker was at my home the next day taking air tests" - K.B.

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