CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) district spent $194,175 on mold cleanup from July 1st to October 31st.

It had to get rid of mold in 40 schools and 1 Administrative building.  The district was not prepared for the surge in mold cases.  CMS blames the wet summer for the increase.

"The wet weather compounded things," Associate Superintendent of Auxiliary Services Guy Chamberlain said.  "We have a lot of classrooms that have no way of removing humidity."

CMS has now learned a lesson when dealing with mold.  It will change things up when getting rid of mold.  It is making changes when dealing with the gook when Summer 2014 rolls around.

"We'll get started a bit sooner," Chamberlain said. "We will probably take a look at installing dehumidifiers in those places which are humid and in a damp environment."

Out of the 40 CMS schools Beverly Woods Elementary topped the list of mold cleanup.  $14,000 had to be spent to make things safe for students and staff.  Parents say students had to move to another classroom during the cleanup.

"There are some kids with respiratory issues," Beverly Woods ES parent Brooke Eastburn said. "Who would really be impacted by mold."

Cleanup consisted of drying wet carpets in classrooms.  Parents WBTV talked to weren't aware of the mold problem at Beverly Woods ES, but they are glad the school district knew. 

"Mold is going to happen," Eastburn said. "And as long as it is responded to in a timely manner, that works from me."

"I have three daughters in the system," Beverly Woods ES Parent John Lasater said.  "And they're young and I hope they make that a priority for sure."

CMS says the money to clean up schools came from the maintenance budget.

"We don't have a bottomless pit of money," Chamberlain said. "And at some point if the funds run out to do certain categories of work, we will see if we can transfer money from other accounts."

Chamberlain money will be found to clean up mold.

For a listing of all the schools treated for mold between July 1 and October 31 and for CMS' plan on cleaning up the bacteria click here.

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