MoldStoppers™ is an environmentally friendly company.  It's important to us to use all natural chemicals and to take as many steps as possible to protect our environment.  That's why we use MoldBLOCK™ a completely biodegradable and non-toxic aqueous solution.

Below is a short list of some of the things that MoldStoppers™ does every day to protect the environment for our children:

    • MoldStoppers™ features MoldBLOCK™, an FDA-approved, non-toxic mold inhibitor.
    • All our installation vans run on an ethanol mix.
    • We recycle our packaging.
    • We use recycled paper for all our billing and literature.
    • All of our ink cartridges are recycled.
    • We use GPS devices to ensure minimal driving and schedule jobs in close proximity.
    • Whenever possible, electronic communication is utilized as opposed to snail mail.


More About the products we use

Sorbates are widely known to be stable in dry form and effective in impeding mold and fungus development. However, Sorbates are typically not stable against oxidation when dissolved in water. BenTech™ has developed a family of products that is successful in stabilizing the oxidation of sorbate in an aqueous solution. By being a stabilized aqueous solution, it is easily dispersed with other ingredients to provide a uniform distribution when mixed, preventing oxidation that would normally reduce sorbate content, thereby extending the active ingredient effectiveness in restraining spore development & growth of mold, yeast and certain bacteria.

The key ingredients of MoldBLOCK™ are also used as a food preservative in bakeries, in frozen foods and for fruits and vegetables.  If you can eat it than you know it must be safe for families and for the environment as well.  Being "green" is an important feature for our products and procedures.  MoldStoppers™ and MoldBLOCK™ offer peace of mind to the builders, the owners and mother nature.

To find out more about how MoldStoppers™ can protect you from not only the threat of mold...but also potential liability, just fill out our online questionnaire and we'll contact you with answers.

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We use Environmentally Safe moldBlock™

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At MoldStoppers™ we use moldblock™ a stabilized aqueous solution consisting of FDA GRAS ingredients, which have been approved for food, agricultural and drug applications for over fifty years, and proven effective in inhibiting mold activity. moldBLOCK™ is an oxidation-stable, non-toxic, and biodegradable product.  Learn More!

It is completely safe and environmentally friendly!