MoldStoppers™ is a Certified Installer of moldBLOCK™. All of our installers have been factory trained and certified to apply moldBLOCK™. MoldStoppers™ can schedule most installs within 48 hours and every job is quality inspected by our install managers. Currently we have installation vans servicing most of the country.

 Our fleet of vans and factory trained installers is ever expanding. Every van is equipped exactly the same way to insure the consistent quality you demand. We also feature the most complete warranty in the industry.  Our warranty covers the replacement of insulation and drywall that must be removed to remediate an effected area, not just the treated surface. 

We currently have over 25 NAMP certified technicians on our staff, more than any of our competitors.

Key Points about moldBLOCK

    • All products will be installed by factory trained applicators.
    • All applications will be dated and batch numbers listed for quality control purposes. Each builder and MoldStoppers™ will retain a copy.
    • Safe to use with engineered lumber.
    • Safe to use with metal fasteners.
    • Safe to use with PVC, CPVC, plastic pipes.
    • Safe to use with steel sprinkler systems.
    • Safe to use with copper pipes and wiring.
    • All installers will be listed with MoldStoppers™ and re-certified every 5 years after completing training.
    • ASTM testing is complete as well as additional testing from yet another independent lab.
    • Unlike our competitors, there is no need for additional inventory because our product is applied in the field, not in the factory.

The MoldStoppers™ Bottom Line

At MoldStoppers™ we specialize in protecting you..not just from the threat of mold...but also the threat of litigation.   Across the country, trial lawyers are adding moldy wood to their list of construction lawsuit targets.  Recently a family won a record settlement over mold in their home, 16 defendants had to pay $22.6 million.

To find out more about how MoldStoppers™ can protect you from not only the threat of mold...but also potential liability, just fill out our online questionnaire and we'll contact you with answers.

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We use Environmentally Safe moldBlock™

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At MoldStoppers™ we use moldblock™ a stabilized aqueous solution consisting of FDA GRAS ingredients, which have been approved for food, agricultural and drug applications for over fifty years, and proven effective in inhibiting mold activity. moldBLOCK™ is an oxidation-stable, non-toxic, and biodegradable product.  Learn More!

It is completely safe and environmentally friendly!